Full Service College Counseling

Only at Mega College Prep!
We take care of everything needed to get into top colleges from start to finish. All the programs listed below are included in the “full service.”
100% acceptance to top colleges

Research project and paper tutoring
Research (STEM, business, and others)
Competition selection and tutoring
Competition preparation
SAT I, SAT 2, ACT, AP tutoring and test prep
4.0 GPA (school subject) tutoring
Study ahead for the next year (summers)

College admission apps and essays
Unlimited college counseling meetings
College and major selection and planning
College scholarship apps and essays
Average scholarship ($150,000)
Music / Art portfolio essays
College application tracking
2 min. self-introductory video
Summer program selection
Summer program application and essay writing
Resume building and writing

Academic honors and project selection
Work and Internship experiences
Leaderships in school clubs
Leaderships in community and organizations
Presidential awards (service and academic)
Patents and Publications

Daily schedule management
Online real-time management portal
Roadmap to successful college prep

Research papers, college research  programs, research competition prep

BS/MD, Business, Science related majors.
Conduct researches in computer science, business, mechanical engineering , biochemistry, electrical engineering, astronomy, molecular biology, and STEM.

Competition Awards, Scholarships, and Honors

We offer diverse competition prep programs to help our students challenge their skills, inspire growth, and, most importantly, get college acceptances with scholarships.

4.0 GPA prep, Academic achievements, and Honors

Through on-demand lessons, GPA planning, GPA monitoring, and study ahead programs, 90% of our students get above UWGPA of 3.90


Unlimited lessons on SAT I, SAT II, AP Tests, ACT, PSAT, SSAT. Average SAT score 1570. Average ACT Score 35. Consistent success for 25+ years.

College Essays

Professional essay writers with 10+ year experience. Through carefully chosen details and themes, from start to finish, we write with you essays that put you above others.

College Counseling

From start to finish, we guide you to the college of your choice and academic success. Build your UNIQUE application profile with our counselors with 10+ year experience in college admissions.



Our research advisors are comprised of professors with Ph.D. in disciplines ranging from engineering to economics. They have decades of experience in conducting researches and publishing research papers.


25+ year experience in college consulting and admission planning. Our counselors boast having 95% success rate in admissions to top 20 colleges.


Professional writers with extensive experience in writing essays and novels. They guide each student from scratch to finish, creating one’s own unique stories.