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  • Art and Music – 100% Acceptance to top colleges

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Don't worry.
GPA and test scores are not everything in college admissions

What we have done with the following GPA.

We have helped 1000's of students get accepted to top colleges even if they had low GPA and test scores before they came to us. Below is a partial list of colleges and accepted students' GPAs.

IVY Colleges

Accepted GPA

Colleges and GPA

Harvard 3.82 Dartmouth 3.75 Princeton 3.82 Yale 3.75 U-Penn 3.65 Cornell 3.65 Brown Uni. 3.85

TOP Colleges

Accepted GPA

Colleges and GPA

Cit 3.87 Mit 3.80 Stanford 3.75 Uni of Chicago 3.56 Northwestern 3.50 Williams 3.80 NYU Stern 3.55 Pomona 3.78

Art and Music Colleges

Accepted GPA

Colleges and GPA

Juilliard 3.65 RISD 3.65

BS/MD Colleges

Most Experienced

Colleges Accepted Yearly

Honors Program In Medical Education (HPME) Program In Liberal Medical Education (PLME) Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program Penn State-Jefferson Premedical-Medical (PMM) Program BU Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

UC Colleges

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Colleges and GPA

BERKELEY 3.55 UCLA 3.20 DAVIS 3.15 UCSD 3.00

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