Awards and Honors package.

Gain competitive advantage in college admissions

A college applicant need to receive academic, competition, and volunteer recognitions and awards that can be listed on the common application. Having such recognitions and awards puts you above others.

  • Writings and Essays
  • Computer Science
  • STEM related awards
  • Novels and books
  • Service award package
  • Academic awards and honors

Complete Preparation

1:1 prep from start to finish.

Awards and Competition

For Ivy and top colleges, competitions to consider: Intel Science Talent Search, Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology, National High School Quiz Bowl, Junior Science & Humanities Symposia, Google Science Fair,  BioGENEius Challenges, FIRSTRobotics, Lego, or Tech Championship, JFK Profiles in Courage Essay Contest.

Writings and Essays

Winning writing competition has always been a key to getting accepted by IVY and top colleges. You can also win scholarships for your creativity.

Computer Science

You get tutoring on computer competitions ranging from USA Computing Olympiad to MIT Think. We will get you ready even if you do not know to code yet.


We will get you ready for competitions ranging from Intel ISEF to MIT’s think. You can also win scholarships from $1,000 to $100,000.

Novels and books

Write short stories or novelettes, get them published, enter competitions, and win prizes. 1:1 tutoring from start to finish.

Service award package

You do not have to volunteer anywhere else. With us, you get volunteer hours and leadership position,. You will also receive Presidential Volunteer Service Awards that show Presidential gratitude and national recognition.

Academic Awards and Honors.

We help you receive academic recognitions and honors from organizations such as National Honor Society and even help you get Presidential Awards.

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